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Wi-Fi Digital Picture Frame - 10"

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    • Delightfully Effortless To Use: Plugin and use the touch screen to connect to Wi-Fi. Pick a unique Skylight email address for your frame. Email photos to the frame's address and they will appear instantly.
    • Benefits: For those of us who are not on social media, this device can be a life-changing new way to connect with family. But even for the tech-savvy, there is still something magical about seeing your most treasured photos in your home each day.
    • Simple and Durable Design: Enjoy the gorgeous 10" color touch-screen display with 1280x800 resolution when uploading and sharing photos with loved ones.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    A. Murray

    Love this picture frame. I did a lot of shopping around before choosing this one, Im glad I did this one is AWESOME. I ended up ordering 3 for Christmas gifts and everybody loved them and continue to tell me how easy this one is to upload picture and the quality of the photos. Highly recommend!!!

    Beth H.
    Sharing memories

    We have 4 of these picture frames. Easy to set up and to use. We are using it to connect with grandparents by sending them pictures weekly and they don’t have to do anything. We also chose these because there is no additional monthly fees that some companies charge.

    I love it!

    we spent hours looking for a digital frame, and ended up with this one....we love it....the only negative things is that they want you to subscribe for a fee to be able to show videos...if still pictures are fine for you (that's free), then this is the ticket....simple to create an email account that everyone can send pics to...

    Anne Merrill
    Great thing to have while Quarantining!

    I bought this for my elderly mother a few weeks back after having seen one at another senior home. I was going to take it up and set it up for her but the Covid-19 hit and I couldn't. Someone where she lives was able to help her set it up easily. Myself and my kids have been sending her pictures daily which has really eased some of the stress of not being allowed to visit.

    Susan F.
    "Sometimes I have to turn it off so I get something done around the house."

    We gave this gift to my mother, and she literally watches it like most of us watch TV. Our family is spread out into several states, so it gives her a chance to see updated photos in real time. She gets so excited when the "view your new pics" bar comes across the screen, because she knows someone has sent her another photo. Such a great idea!

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