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Dog Tracking Collar - 12 Dogs - Green

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    • US version only. This GPS dog finder receives and displays your dog's GPS Collar location, along with your location, on the Handheld Device's screen.
    • The Handheld Device features a tilt-compensated compass and backlit LCD screen with an adjustable scale from 100 yards to 75 miles.
    • Featuring HopTek technology, this location system uses GPS satellites, not cell service, to track your dog up to 7-miles away. Track up to 12-dogs with the purchase of TEK Series 2.0 GPS Tracking Add-A-Dog Collars.
    • View the direction and status of your dog. The device will show the direction each dog is headed, how far they are from you, and whether they are moving or stopped.
    • The handheld device and GPS Collar are both waterproof and submersible, as well as rechargeable.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    John Dempsey
    Five Stars

    I sure feel better knowing where my rabbit beagles are at all times. [...]

    Best available

    Has complety changed the freedom I allow my two dogs. The GPS function is very accurate and reliable, to the point that when I give a command to my dogs I can see immeadiately on screen their reaction without having to physically see them. The user interface is made up of three screens programming page, Training page and tracking page so its easy to set up and use. The battery life is determined by the amount of interaction with the dog and the frequency of refresh. I get about 1 weeks useage from a full charge.There is a note on the box to register and download updated software, as long as you do this no problems, I have had mine now for two years and am very happy.

    steve B
    Great product for a dog owner

    Easy to set up. tracks my dog perfectly and simple to use. Very happy I purchased it. Training guide was also usfull

    Bror Erickson
    Never Lose Another Dog!

    I am very thankful for this unit. I have been using it for about six months when I walk and train my German Shorthair Pointer. The only problems I've really had were operator error, such as I forgot to plug it in and get a full charge before going out with my dog.Last year I lost a dog hunting and it was a pretty sad couple of months. I'm still not quite over it. Don't know what happened to her. I had to buy a new dog, and I determined that I would not lose another dog. I researched what I could for tracking collars.I like this one because it has the display on the hand controller and doesn't require you to add yet another app to your phone, or carry your phone with you hunting. I usually do, but I like to save battery where I can on my phone for emergencies and following my dog on the phone screen does not save battery. This is convenient. I think you can tether it to your phone also, but not sure. It also downloads to your computer if you like. I'm not much for that. I also like the charging system it comes with, it is easy to use, though you do have to make sure it vibrates when you plug it in. It gives you eight hours charge which is generally enough even for the longest day's chukar hunting. Though it would be nice if there was someway you could preserve that charge. Even an auxiliary battery would be beneficial.It will tell you when your dog is on point. Well, in my experience that isn't entirely true, it merely tells you where your dog is and says that it is on point 200 yards in front or to the right of you etc. It says your dog is on point even while you see your dog running in front of you. I turned that feature off. Rather, worthless. If my dog was sitting still for a minute before the controller determined it was on point, that might be nice. But truth is I just want to be able to track my dog and know where he is if he gets over a ridge before I do.So far I have used this collar effectively to train my dog for a number of things including finding shed antlers.I found the training guide CD that came with the system to be very helpful and especially the tip to always do something fun with the dog right after you put it on so they associate it with fun rather than work or discipline.

    scott smith
    I am very happy with this purchase

    The remote is well made and appears to be durable, the collar is the same way. I am very happy with this purchase.I had a issue with the speaker and SportDog sent me a replacement that was received in a couple of days. They had great customer service.

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