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Night Vision Binoculars - 1640ft

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    • Clearly see in 100% darkness. Unlike other night vision spy gear, our High-Tech Night Vision Binoculars feature a No-Glow infrared illuminator and all-optical binocular system that allows you to see animals or plants clearly in 100% darkness or dim ambient light. With 3 modes: taking photos, recording a video (does not record sound), and playback, you can capture high definition photos and videos with its outstanding optical clarity in the daytime, low light, or night time;
    • Enjoy 1080P FHD Videos & Photos: With 3X digital zoom, 2x IR zoom, and super 3-10X magnification 31mm objective aperture, it can perform a powerful zooming capability to illuminate objects. With good image intensifiers, and high-sensitivity imaging arrays it provides high-quality 1080P FHD images/videos (1920x1080p images & 1080p FHD 30FPS video). You can playback them on a 3.6" LCD widescreen (a 4-inch large viewing screen), which is with 0-15 levels of adjustable screen brightness.
    • 1640FT Super Long Viewing Range Built-in 5W infrared LED, 850nm Illuminator enables you to observe target 980 feet away clearly in complete darkness without any ambient light. Besides, it will range up to 1640ft/500m with an external power supply. Five levels of adjustable IR brightness provide optimal visibility at night (up to 7 levels while connecting a power bank). 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    I highly recommend these

    Such an awesome product. I read the reviews and this seems to be the best bang for buck. I originally got it to spot wild life, mostly owls and foxes and it did not disappoint. Like other reviewers stated it is best to get rechargeable batteries. I recommend PowerOwl's black batteries they seem to last the longest. Also wanna add they will pick up security cameras and trail cameras at night as long as infered light is being used. I found this out when i had the filter closed but i could still see through the binoculars in the yard. This got me the idea of getting IR flood lights for the yard so i can save some battery life. 64gb flash memory is a nice touch too and id recommend a stand if your getting serious about using it.

    Avid Customer
    Not your ordinary binoculars!

    This binoculars awesome! Its viewing range and optical zoom are farther than most similar binocular. The night vision is so clear that I can see in complete darkness and even take clear photos. I can even clearly see some stars at night. The 1080P video and photo are so clear. Overall, the resolution is more than I expected. I also like the hard case to protect it when I'm not using it. I actually take this with me, especially at night, for sightseeing, traveling, and hiking. The price is also not that bad compared to other binoculars that cost more but fell short or don't deliver as good as this one. I highly recommend this binoculars.

    Great product for the price.

    VABSCE 2021 Night Vision Binoculars has a 1080p Full HD that some from the competition with higher prices do not have, same with the infrared illuminator. The 3-10X magnification with its 31mm objective aperture can zoom much better than my friend's $1000 thermal optic, though is manual. We attached an external battery and it allowed us to use it for hrs.

    Really good binoculars with night vision.

    Really like the packaging, came with a free carrying pouch and couple of cables.I don't like that it takes 8 AAs but at least the battery lasts long. i have played with it for a couple days now and works flawlessly. attached are 5 pictures, 2 taken with my phone at regular and 2x, the other 3 are with the binoculars. the screen makes really easy to see for people that are visually impaired like my dad. these will be good when i go out at night in the boat to be able to see if there's anybody around.

    One of the best Digital units out there

    I have tried many digital night vision units over the years and this one wins hands down. Super clear picture, large viewing screen and easy to use along with a 850nm illuminator so its way less detectable than most other units. I attached a video to show you the clarity I got while testing this out both in daylight and night. Awesome value for the price!

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