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Wi-Fi Digital Picture Frame - 8" - Auto-Rotate

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  • High Definition Touchscreen: With a 1280*800 resolution, this smart frame produces stunning, clear images that provide an extraordinary visual experience from any angle. IPS technology ensures a wide viewing angle and accurate color reproduction. The touchscreen makes setup and displays simple and convenient.
  • Free Photo Transfer, Easy to Use: Free app "AiMOR" is available for both Android & iOS mobile phones. Just download the app to your phone, then connect it to your digital photo frame. You can quickly and easily send your photos or short videos (max 15 seconds) to your loved ones from around the world. Our user-friendly interface design makes it easy to use for all ages. Complete setup with just a few, intuitive steps.
  • Built-in Battery & Advanced Functions: With a built-in 2000mAh battery, our WiFi digital photo frame lets you use the device unplugged for up to half an hour. For the first time ever, you can unplug the frame and pass it around for everyone to get a look up close. Additionally, this digital picture frame has a wide variety of customizable settings to meet your needs, such as auto-rotate, slideshow mode, timed auto-advance, zoom & crop, sleep mode, captions, and more.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
It has an internal battery

This is a really nice digital frame for parties or anything where you don't have a Place to put the photo frame Because it has an internal battery that lets have run just on the battery Unlike others Where you have to keep it plugged. The screen is pretty responsive and it is super easy to Put new photos in it. Do know that the charger goes through the stand so if you wanna hang it up you might not be able to do that until you would have to charge it before can you put it on the wall.

Christina Velez
User friendly

I really like this digital frame. Very easy to use instructions. Very easily upload my photos. Great for family that is long distance. Would be a great gift for any occasion. Beautiful design. Clarity of the pictures is great. Easily to adjust the pictures. Love it.

F. Hersch
Fun photo frame!

This is such a fun frame to have. I gave the code to my kids and they have been sending pictures of the grandkids to the frame. As you can see from the instructions setting up the frame is as simple as can be. Turn it on and it walks you through the set up. Download the app and follow simple instructions to upload pictures. You can set the time for the frame to “ wake up “ and “ go to sleep”. Picture is clear and colorful. I am really enjoying.

Best budget frame of 2021!

This photo frame is awesome! For the price I was expecting a lower end frame with a not-so-great screen, but boy was I wrong! The screen is a beautiful and bright IPS panel and looks great. My photos of it do not do it justice. I am impressed with the frame as a whole and it has all of the core features you would ever need. It appears to be running a customized Android OS and there is a lot you can configure and tweak. I appreciate how responsive the frame is and how easy it is to get photos over onto it. The companion app for phones is great – you can beam photos over via the app or you can insert an SD card into it and copy them over that way. I loaded a batch of wedding photos over from the SD card and now find myself adding more photos to it via my phone every single day. My only complaint with the frame are that the companion app is a minimal/basic and not much in it and also the frame doesn’t have anything smart like face detection to zoom in on photos intelligently. I had to set it to show the whole photo with black bars around them because many photos were zoomed in and couldn’t see faces. Overall this is an excellent frame and excellent value, highly recommended!

Simple to setup using Aimor app

I have had a couple of photo frames over the years, I have one on my desk at work right now, but none that I've ever seen is like this frame. First off, the picture quality is great, the pics I've included really don't do it justice, they are as sharp and bright as the originals I sent.The really cool thing about this frame are its built-in it's capabilities, it is WiFi capable and you can load pics by the AiMor app from my smartphone or anybody's phone that has the app if I allow them to connect by sharing the code.This frame has the a SD memory card slot to allow import of photos from the cameras memory card.The post that props up the frame in portrait or landscape doubles as the power port with USB cord running out the end of the post.

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