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Automatic Pet Feeder - 2.8L - White & Stainless Steel

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    • Feed from your phone. 2.4GHz Wi-Fi is needed. 
    • Personalized Pet Feeding: Meals can be dispensed from 1 portion to 10 portions.
    • Duo Fresh Lock System: Keep the food dry and fresh.
    • Weight Sensor: You will get notices when the food bucket is in low condition and an alert when it is empty
    • 2.8L.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    this feeder works very well

    update: its now well over 1 year that we have this device and its working great.we have been using it for over a month now and we are very happy with it.we feed our cat 10x a day with the minium portion size which is 1/20th cup.he had an issue of vomiting all the time and this seems to helpthe feeder works very well, is well built, looks very high tech, like an apple productthe app is a little confusing but after you learn it it works very wellmy only complaint , and its probably my own fault, is you dont want to let the hopper of food get too low, otherwise it might not give the correct portion on one or two feedings...until the mechanism gets 'full again'.however i must say, that has only happened on one day. usually it is working very reliably!

    Works well for us!

    I bought this automatic feeder for my cat. She has a tendency to wake up earlier than we would like to and jump on the bed until we wake up to feed her. After looking at multiple feeders I settled on this one. The price was on the higher end but there were more expensive options available as well. What appealed to me was the usage of the app to control feedings rather than a dial on the machine, as well as the mini size. I have only 1 cat so the larger pet feeders would be a waste of space as I would never fill them all the way. This is the perfect size for us. So far I have had zero issues with either the feeder or the app, however there are some people who have had bad experiences so maybe there are some duds. But this has been a good experience for me at least

    Jamie Hansen
    Love it

    This thing works great. The other reviews criticize the app. It isn't the most intuitive app, but it works just fine for me. It took about 30 minutes from the time I opened the box until I had everything including the app and the schedule up and running. I have been making tweaks to the schedule to get it dialed in, and it is working great. I am actually quite pleased with the app.I got this thing because my cat was puking because he was eating too much too fast, and a little overweight. I can't feed him small quantities of food 8 times a day. Putting him on a diet had him meowing at me and being annoying. This one solved all of that. I am only writing this because I was so hesitant to spend the money for it. Now that I have it, it seems like a no Brainer. Great value great product.

    Ben C
    My cat loves it!

    Our cat loves this, and it works great once connected to Wi-Fi. And it's nice to hit a button to give them just a lil' treat if we feel like it.The Mini is very well designed and looks great in our apartment. So sleek and small, and very quiet. We had the *won't mention the brand* 5-slotted battery feeder from another brand, but each time it rotates it makes so much noise and takes up so much space. But this feeder is quiet and looks great among our furniture.The plastic bowl is perfect because it's easy to wash and the metal ones with some other feeders are so loud when the food comes out. This helps minimize that.I especially appreciate the back-up battery option in case the power were to go out.I had some questions for the company and the PETKIT support staff was very helpful and quick to respond.No complaints. We'll probably get a second one to have one for each cat!

    Beth MacDonald
    Impressive. Wish I’d gotten them sooner.

    I’ve had two of these feeders for a few weeks now and I’m happy with them. They have the style of an Apple product. Very sleek, clean and well designed. Functionally, they have performed perfectly as far as I can tell. They always dispense on schedule, they haven’t gotten jammed, the dispenser door opens and shuts nicely, and the food storage compartment is sealed to keep the food fresh and keeps ants out of it. It functions quietly and the cats aren’t afraid of them. The app to control it is great to. There’s a LOT of settings, which is a bit tedious during initial setup, but once that’s done it’s easy. I appreciate that there are so many customizable options, including what you get notifications for. The ONLY thing I felt was missing from the app, and maybe I just haven’t found it yet, is a one-time feeding button. You can just add another feeding into the schedule, but it would be nice to have an option to just dispense a little extra food in the moment. There is a button on the feeders that you can physically press to do this when you’re home, so that is nice. Overall very happy with the purchase. Especially since the cats let me sleep in the morning now!

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