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Ceiling Fan - 52" - Bronze

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    • Free App Download: Sync with our exclusive modern forms app to control fan speed, use smart features like adaptive learning, create groups, and reduce energy costs. An optional battery-operated RF remote is available (F-RC-WT).
    • RF Wall Switch For Local Control: Additional switches are available for 3 or 4-way setup. Touch panel wall control with Modern Forms Fan App can be purchased separately.
    • Modern Forms: Fans are made with incredibly efficient and completely silent DC motors and are up to 70% more efficient than traditional fans. Every fan is factory-balanced and sound tested to ensure each fan will never wobble, rattle or click.
    • Wet Location: Listed for indoor or outdoor applications. Integrated LED light powered by WAC Lighting, features smooth and continuous brightness control. An optional cover is included to conceal the luminaire.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    J. Consumer
    This fan has looks AND brains!

    I have had this fan for a few weeks and to this point I am very satisfied. I bought it to replace a Hunter fan that was still working after nearly 15 years - but its buzzing AC motor was driving me crazy.Pros:- absolutely silent DC motor- moves lots of air- clean, modern and compact canopy, motor housing and luminaire- bright light with very good dispersion- nice looking and highly functional wall control- ABS blades look better than expected and should hold up well in my humid location- iOS app is decent, responsive and seems to be actively developedBonus:- if you are tech savvy, local control with iOS Home app is possible via homebridgeCons:- since the canopy is compact, getting the receiver wires tucked in during installation was tricky- i had some network related setup issues with the iOS app but YMMV- not inexpensive (but the wall control almost makes up for it)Bottom line:Worth the extra $$ if you plan to use the smart features and prefer a sleek wall control over a clunky remote like you get with many DC motor ceiling fans.

    inessa ostrovsky
    Brightest Fan I've Ever Owned

    I purchased several Modern Forms ceiling fans from a local lighting showroom after reviewing the product specs on . I now have five Modern Forms fans. They work great. Excellent airflow and very bright. The light kit is made of a one-of-a-king acrylic that I've not seen on any other fan. They are quiet, app works well, and the wall control does too.

    keith kyle
    better in person

    We were very surprised at how nice and fancy these look in person!! will by again if needed!!

    Great fan

    I’m very happy with my purchase. Installation (replacing existing old fan) was easy and it worked right away with the app. I love that the lowest speed is just a slight air movement without feeling like it’s blowing on you, and it’s completely silent- perfect over my bed. At higher speeds I only hear air movement, not the motor.

    Gradient Echo
    Almost perfect.

    Bought this to replace a 20 year old hunter fan. My requirements were for a modern looking fan, with bright LED lighting, quiet operation, smart features ( echo integration), and a wall switch. This fan checked off every single one of those criteria. It took me about 4 hours to install, because I’d never installed a ceiling fan before, and had trouble uninstalling the old Hunter fan, because I didn’t know the model and had trouble finding an online manual. It was so old, that none of the hunter YouTube videos applied. Once I got it removed, I found that the 2.5” wide ceiling box was too narrow for this new fan’s mounting bracket, so I had to run to the hardware store to buy a new 4” ceiling fan box, and then had to cut a larger drywall circle to accommodate it. Once this was done, the rest of the installation was pretty straightforward, except that the wires and safety wire that come with the fan are probably 6’ long, so I ended up having to cut them to get everything to fit inside the canopy cover. Because my ceiling fan box was only 0.5” deep, it didn’t have enough room to store the excess wire. I also found one of the motor wires was mislabeled, but it was pretty obvious; someone not familiar with basic electrical wiring, however, could have run into a problem with that. Once everything was hooked up, I powered it up and it silently came to life. The motor does this sort of stuttered start, which I’ve learned is normal, since I bought a second fan from modern forms and it does the same thing. Not a big deal. It’s silent and the only thing you hear is the movement of air. And this fan really moves a lot of air! The other fan I bought is a 3 blade fan, and it moves a lot less, in comparison to this 5 blade fan.As for the light, it’s great. Quite bright, and a very pleasing 3000k. The other fan I bought is 2700k, and just a tad warmer (yellower). I prefer this one. I also like the clear acrylic light cover on this one, which seems to let more light out than the frosted cover on the other. This light easily fills the bedroom it’s installed in.The app and Alexa integration work perfectly for me. I’ve created a routine in my Alexa app, that allows me to turn both the fan and light on simultaneously, with one command, which is nice, since the wall switch requires you to turn them on separately.Regarding the wall switch, it’s probably the weakest part of this kit. It’s not lit, so you can’t see it in the dark (how hard would it have been to put some leds in it?), and as previously mentioned, you have to turn the light and the fan on and off separately. It also would be nice if it beeped when turning the light on and off, so you know you’ve pressed the button. The fan speed buttons beep, so why couldn’t all the buttons do the same? That said, it’s still nice having an RF wall switch come with the fan, so these are minor nit picks.Overall, a great fan. Not perfect, but pretty darn close. I’ll round this one up to 5 stars!

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