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Wi-Fi Video Doorbell - 15ft IR Range

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    • Weight: 1.750lbs.
    • Supports audio/video communication with mobile App.
    • Approximately15ft IR Range, 180-Ultra Wide Angle, and Motion Detection and Video Recording.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Eli Smoke
    Connected it to my hikvision dvr

    When my passed away I can’t go to her house everyday to check on it and make sure her shady neighbor isn’t shopping, so I bought a hikvision dvr/nvr off here with 4 cameras. At work we install the skybell and alarm.com doorbells, I figured I’d give this one a try too. Bought the doorbell interior chime and a 16/40 transformer. Easy enough to install. Took about an hour with fishing all the wires. Learned right into the nvr via WiFi. It was alerting me way too much do I had to turn all the sensitivity way down now I only get alerted when somebody is actually right in front of it. I like it wasn’t difficult to install acts like another camera hooked to my camera system. Buy the whole setup you won’t regret it.

    Bryce Palmer
    Great AFTER you update the firmware

    I found that I couldn't get the doorbell to connect to my WiFi until I updated the camera's firmware.

    Need Iphone for App Set Up Initially

    This is a very good camera over all easy installation...BUT the app set up is AWFUL..THIS camera when setting up the Hikvision app is Iphone friendy only NOT Android.. when you are doing the app set up you need to use the I phone initially BUT after you set up the camera on the app you can use an android from there on out to access the camera on the Hik App... by signing in..

    I find it is fantastic sepia the setting want do you find
    Great ONVIF Supported Camera Does not work with Reolink NVR

    Setup of this camera went fairly smooth on the IOS app. The only challenge I had was integrating this ONVIF camera into my existing Reolink NVR that supports ONVIF cameras. On the Reolink NVR I was able to configure it but it would not stream video unless you performed a factory reset of the Hikvision Camera once configured in the Reolink NVR. If any type of network disruption (that I fixed) would occur the Reolink NVR could not restore the ONVIF stream. I moved my NVR to an open-source solution (Shinobi) and all the cameras now stream well and are stable.

    Works with Blue Iris, Good Resolution

    This door bell camera works well with the Blue Iris camera monitoring software. You have to use a phone app to set it up, but I recommend side-loading the app called "Hik-Connect" directly from the Hikvision web site (it isn't in the Google Play Store - the app that is there is not as good).

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