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Smart Speaker - Blue

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  • Our most popular smart speaker with Alexa. The sleek, compact design delivers crisp vocals and balanced bass for a full sound.
  • Ask Alexa to tell a joke, play music, answer questions, play the news, check the weather, set alarms, and more.
  • Use your voice to turn on lights, adjust thermostats, and lock doors with compatible devices.
  • Call almost anyone hands-free. Instantly drop in on other rooms or announce to the whole house that dinner's ready.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

Honestly I have no idea what these reviews are actually about the echo dot fourth generation is an amazing speaker you get what you would almost expect out of a $50 speaker as far as sound goes with the added benefit that you can control everything in your household and many, many, many other things by just speaking to it so yes wow the base might be lacking or something like that or another type of $50 speaker it’s not by very much at all of a difference but with the major benefit of everything else that it does and the sound quality is amazing especially when compared to the previous generations!! Two negative things that I will mention.. One the blue light does not stay on all the time only when the wake word is said or it is in the process of doing what you tell it to do the other downside is with the calling and texting feature it does not support iOS devices because Apple refuses to quit being stingy ********.. Other than that this thing is amazing!! You can even do personalized routines to make it say and do what you want it to do in other words if you wanted to reply back to something that normally these devices would refuse to do if you made a routine with it it could do that!

Love my echo dot 4th generation.

I love it , it gives me the answers that I need when I ask a question, gives me the time , the date , weather , and also looks cool , I connected with my Samsung tv , also to my speaker system , and to my lights , I have a video cam and I can see when my lights go off and on when I'm not home, I'm so happy to have this Dot, thanks for making a customer very happy to have purchase this peace of equipment , I recommend this Dot to anyone with no problem , also very easy to connect over to the lights and my speakers , thanks again.

Life saver (maybe literally) for my mom and dad

My mom and dad are both 90+ and living at home together still which is great, but if my mom were to fall, my dad might not know for awhile and couldn't help her if he did. I thought of getting her an 'emergency button', but those work on cellular, and where they live they (still) have horrible service, but have reliable WiFi. I got them 7 of these and scattered them all around their house and even in the barn/garage. Now if she were to fall she just says 'Alexa call for help.' and I get the call. Wonderful!They love music, and listen to it a lot on these, and since dad can't use a phone any more, they used this to do a virtual doctor appointment. Worked great!

Dalton Miyabara
Amazing Echo Dot (4th Gen), it's easy to configure and to use! I recommend!

What an amazing product by . I haven't used the older generations, but this one rocks!It's small, can fit in any room of your house and works just "plug and play", of course you have to setup a few things, but is really easy to do.Audio quality for sure is not bad, it's clear and loud without "cracking" the sound, even more when you use two units as stereo speakers. But, because this model miss the bass speakers, I feel that's missing something (I'm a bass player).But I'll try to the other models that have a bass, to complete my set in the future.I recommend this Echo Dot (4th Gen). It's easy to configure and to use!* sorry for the quality of the pictures, my bedroom is darker, so is better to sleep.

Buy 2 for stereo effect, but there’s a trick.....

It’s louder than my old flat Alexa and the quality of the sound is also better.I have two of these located on different sides of my garage for stereo effect. When I first tried them both out, only one or the other would have sound coming out of it depending on which speaker I was standing closest to. I thought it was a wifi connection problem with the speaker. Then I figured out that I have to stand at an equal distance from each one of them, then in a loud voice tell Alexa to play a song. One of the two speakers will announce the song and the artist, and when the song starts to play, the music comes out of both speakers.

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