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Smart Shower Controller - Terra Beige

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    • CONTROL YOUR SHOWER THREE WAYS: Wi-Fi connected, app-driven shower controller allows you to control your shower via voice, phone, or manually.
    • VALVE REQUIRED: This controller requires Moen valve S3102 to complete installation. Valve, showerheads, and optional battery backup are sold separately.
    • FULL CUSTOMIZATION: Electronic controls allow you to change water temperature with pinpoint accuracy for a more customized shower.
    • SOFT TOUCH BUTTONS: Easy to read 5" non-touch LCD screen features soft-touch buttons that operate two outlets, plus power, temperature, and preset selection (two presets on the controller, up to 12 with the app).

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Robert Batta
    Great product, super support!

    The product is outstanding. Really takes your shower project to the next level of luxury. Everything was working fine, until I tried messing with the Apple Homekit feature. I ended up having to call Moen tech support and was blown away by how helpful they were. Really, US based support, the guy I spoke to knew the product fluently and was able to solve my problem quickly.This was a DIY install, no issues. Love the outcome.

    The Grady Works
    The Warehouse unit came at a great price

    While there are small scratches on the used unit, they appear to be only on the plastic film that covers the screen. I have an installed 2 port unit that works great with Alexa and manages the water temp extremely well. The installation plumbers had not seen one before so I ended up doing the installation of the controller based on videos at the Moen website and others on the internet after the plumbers installed the digital valve and water lines. Buying it used through the Warehouse saved me a lot of money.

    C. Green
    very cool, minimalist look

    Very cool addition to our newly remodeled bathroom; minimalist look without all the shower valve hardware - easy to use - love it. Very luxurious. Only drawback for me is the screen stays on 24/7 and is very bright; have to cover or shut the bathroom door at night.

    Timothy N LaPeters
    Great device, hefty price tag

    This is an expensive, luxury product. No one really NEEDS this, but man is it awesome! We were doing a bathroom remodel and decided since we were gutting the shower anyway we might as well add something cool like this. We love smart home items and this device seamlessly works with Alexa. The app seems pretty easy and is very intuitive. The interface that’s in the shower is great too. All-in-all, a very well-done unit that I would recommend to anyone that is changing out their shower. Be advised, though, unless you’re changing all of the tile in your shower and ready to completely remove the normal shower valve and retile your shower then this is the unit for you. If you’re just looking for an easy upgrade to your shower with minimal work, then you should look for something else.

    Smart Shower for an affordable price!

    We were shocked when our local plumbing supply store sold this product for much more than . I was a bit hesitant in purchasing from , but I'm happy I did. The installation was a breeze for my plumber and the product seems to work well. For some reason, we lost electric to the unit but it somehow came back. Not sure what the issue was, but it hasn't happened after the first week. I understand that there is an app to control the water. The unit is installed in my boys' bathroom and they use Alexa to turn on the water-based on their user profile and heat setting. Fantastic product.

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