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Fingerprint & Touchscreen Door Lock - Aged Bronze

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    • 3-IN-1 FLEXIBILITY: Fingerprint + code + mechanical key.
    • ULTRALOQ ADVANCED FINGERPRINT TECHNOLOGY: Less than 0.5-second identification, durable, waterproof, and dustproof, heal broken fingerprint lines, and 95 fingerprints.
    • NUMERIC TOUCHSCREEN: User defined 4-8 digit codes, Anti-peep password, Touch wakeup, and 95 codes.
    • HIDDEN KEY: Positioned especially on the bottom, the keyhole gives extra security in the case of keyhole hackers.
    • LONG BATTERY LIFE: Up to 8,000 times access. Low battery alarm on OLED and smartphone app.
    • SOLID AND RESISTANT: The solid one-piece Zinc Alloy body is completely waterproof and dustproof. Ideal for both interior and exterior doors.
    • EASY SETUP AND DIY INSTALLATION: No wiring. No drilling. Fit interior doors prepped with single borehole and thickness between 1-3/8"-1-3/4". Reversible handle for both left-handed and right-handed doors.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Technology may be inferior but Ultraloq support is SUPERIOR!

    With break-ins on the rise, my family and I wanted something that would help deter would-be thieves but also add as a line of protection. After much review of products and locking systems, Ultraloq was always among the best if not the best. I order two for our home. One of the two was not working well, so I called tech support. Immediately, they sent a replacement lock even before I needed to return the falabe product. The newly sent lock also was inferior, I reached out to tech support, again without hesitation, they sent yet another system. As the old saying goes, "the third time's the charm." This may be true in some cases, however the true charm is Ultraloq and their customer support. Flawless to say the least. If I did not believe in them, I would not be taking my time to write a review on their behalf. Keep up the great work. I will always be an Ultraloq fan!

    Sherwin S.
    Broke after 10 months but the customer support was great..

    Update: Contacted customer support and got a response within a few hours. They had been responsive. Issue determined to be the "clutch". I received the replacement part within 3 business days. The installation was pretty straightforward. Happy to report that the issue is no longer occurring.worked OK for 10 months. I was satisfied with the product despite the fact that sometimes the door would not unlock using finger print, but the code worked every time.Recently, i started experiencing a new problem. most of the time neither finger print nor correct 4 digit code would open the door. I hear a beep indicating the code/fingerprint is accepted but something is not engaging to release the lock. From what I read, customer service is almost non-existent. If you are looking for a reliable door lock, look elsewhere.

    Great Customer Support

    We have the ultraloq UL3 on our basement entrance and it works great. We use it for AirBnb and all our guests come into our basement apartment without any problems. It is great that we can give different guests separate codes. The no spy mode or whatever (when you can enter misc numbers before or after your code) is a really great perk as well and makes you feel secure as you enter your code. I really like the Ultraloq products and I plan on getting more. And the customer service is great. I had a question about an item and their support term has no problem spending as much time as I needed on the phone. Also, their email customer support gets back to me extremely quickly. Sorry the picture is a bit dirty.

    Mark W
    Lifetime warranty that actually is!

    We've had this lock since Nov. 2017, so about 4.5 years. The features are just what we needed and it was easy to set up. Installation was a little difficult because we were adapting it to a lock that we removed, but really the same as any lock would have been. It has worked great, replacing the batteries once a few months ago. Then the latch mechanism broke and it wouldn't open from either side. I took it apart to see what the problem was and it was pretty evident, so I took a picture and sent it to tech support. Gilbert got the new part out to us the next day and it arrived in 2 days. Easy to install and now the lock is like new. Thanks Ultraloq, a company that stands behind its products!

    Works well and very well supported

    Have been very pleased with this lock. Looks good and has been very reliable for 6 months. I love the convenience of no longer needing to carry a house key. ... The fingerprint recognition was not perfect in the beginning. I had read that in other reviews before buying and was prepared for it. Also, I've used fingerprint readers at work for a long time and am familiar with their typical operation. But, after the first few weeks of use, the fingerprint reading has been near perfect. I have not had to use my key code for months. Not sure how it just got better -- I suppose we all improved at placing our fingers in the center of the reader.Recently, though, it started sticking. That is, the read was successful and the door said open, but the latch/bolt didn't pull in enough to cleanly open the door. And, it was a strange, progressive issue. First it was just sticky and you could jiggle and still get in, but then it got worse and you couldn't get the door open at all. ... So, long story made short: I went to the Ultraloq website and submitted the problem report with my device serial # and after a few emails and questions, they 1) said turn the handle up instead of down (part of the trouble-shooting and that allowed the door to open fine) and then 2) shipped me a brand new unit because this was an indication of a failing component. I am very impressed with their support!!Bottom-line is still that fingerprint readers are great. Now that I've been freed from the house key, I could never go back.

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