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Smart Thermostat - Easy Installation

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    • UPGRADED INTERNET CONNECTION WITH HIGH-END CHIP: The 5th generation has the most stable connection cause it has a high-end chip.
    • EASY INSTALLATION, QUICK SETTING, EASY OPERATION: Installation can be completed within 30-minutes and you can become familiar with the operation within 20-minutes. It is easy to maintain, especially since batteries are not required.  cause there is no battery require, so no need to change the battery by month.
    • CONSISTANT MONEY-SAVING: This thermostat helps you save over 20% cost on HVAC expenses ( Data from the Xing laboratory) through the energy-saving mode, 7-day rational programming, remote access, etc.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Ace of change
    Appearance, features, control from phone, easy to use!

    I love this thermostat! I actually have three! I bought them on a whim because we have a bigger house with 3 units and I couldn’t stomach spending $500 on the other smart thermostats. I just wanted to have access on my phone or computer while away, and something that looked better than the old analog thermostats the house had originally. The reviews I read left me worried and I deleted these out of my cart multiple times. I finally pulled the trigger, and boy am I glad I did! These are fantastic! Work well! Easy to install! I had no problems setting them up other than I had to try a few times to setup an account. I went to the website instead of using the app to setup my initial username and password. After that, was gold! These have a cool nightlight feature to that you can set to come on and off on a schedule! Make sure that these will work with your system. Make sure you have a c wire (common wire) or you will need to run one. But these are a five star for price, function, appearance, and honestly, couldn’t have been easier! I had 3 of them in and working within two hours. I would highly recommend! These can do all the things I wanted! They also hook up to your Alexa devices! I don’t see me actually using this feature, but it’s there if I feel like it! I’m so glad I pulled the trigger on it and didn’t let the negative reviews steer me away!

    Ashley Perez
    Great product with easy set up

    Product is great. Fairly easy to assemble. I did blow a fuse in the ac unit and have to replace it but that’s because I hooked up a wire to the wrong spot. The directions clearly said where to put the wire but I had overlooked it. Hooking up to phone and Alexa was very easy. Would definitely recommend this product.

    So Far So Good

    I installed these over the weekend in about 10-15 minutes. I have three thermostats controlling two units - one unit has zones controlled by two of these thermostats. Installation was quite simple. Anyone that can turn a screwdriver (included in the box) can install this with a little bit of common sense and intuition. If you're looking for a step by step guide, it may take you longer. I read zero instructions and had them installed that quickly.As far as functionality, they seem to be working quite well. Accurate temperature readings and controlling my systems well. The integration with Google Home was even quite simple. If simple programming and wifi accessible is what you're looking for, don't hesitate to buy.

    good product but you need to py attention

    i bought this product second hand like new. it is 1/4 the price compred to other brand. it is an easy install. the instruction for wifi is a little bit challenging. key point to note is it did not work on my 5G band. you have to access your 2G band to get this running. point no. 2 you can plug this in close to your home network for initial set up. the back has a mocro usb power you can connect to. after that alexa works seamlessly. great product for 1/4 the price!

    best value for smart thermostat

    I loved how this product was priced, it was not over priced like some other competitors. It was easy to install and connect to my wifi, we also REALLY like how you can control the device from your smart phone, the app is a easy install and account create process. Dont be fooled by all the name brand smart thermostats until you atleast check this one out first, you wont be upset with the value or quality it has.

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