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Electric Dog Clippers - 12 Pieces - Black & Silver

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    • 2-Hour Run Time - Allows for multiple grooming sessions with your pet before needing a recharge. The wireless operation provides exceptional power and does not sacrifice power.
    • Quick Charging -  Equipped with a 15-minute quick charge for instant power, 3-5-hours for a full charge, lithium-ion battery holds charge for up to a year without any memory issues. A powerful and quiet motor.
    • Self-Sharpening Precision Blades:  Provide snag-free cutting, our high-carbon blades remain sharp for smooth grooming that creates a pleasant experience for your pet. Pro-quality at home means fewer trips to the professional dog groomer.
    • Add to Cart - Easy, cost-effective dog grooming at home. Low noise for stress-free grooming. Handles all fur up to double coats for large breeds and small dogs.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews

    This trimmer is awesome! I have a very fluffy maltipoo who grows his fur like crazy! Initially I took him to get professionally groomed, but it's expensive and he's afraid. So, I decided to be brave and try to do the job myself. First let me say that I have NO experience with clippers. I've never used any type of clippers before so I'm totally new to this. Because of this my expectations were pretty low. Turns out it was SUPER easy and he came out looking great! Better than the groomer did! The clippers are a good weight--- heavy enough to not feel cheap, and light enough to not make your hand tired. The guards made it super simple to ensure that I wasn't going to butcher his fur and gave him the perfect length. It took me about an hour to finish his haircut, but I imagine it will be much quicker with more experience. Also, while the trimmer said it was quiet, I didn't think it was that quiet---however again, I have nothing to compare it to--but having said that, my little guy was not afraid of the noise and he's usually a big chicken! All in all I highly recommend this trimmer!

    This clipper worked well! Or is it: These clippers worked well? Doesn't matter! GREAT!

    Wanted to buy a dog clippers to cut down on grooming expense, and because often by the time we decide "it's time", we can't get an appointment for a long period of time; never planned to do it all, but maybe every-other time, and let the pros clean up the mess. Went with the Wahl rechargeable to avoid the cord getting in the way, and to insure reliability over the stuff made in China. Yeah, a few bucks more, but absolutely worth it. This thing worked great - or is it greatly?- ! With only a few YouTubes under the belt, we forged ahead and trimmed our dog today. Took maybe 45 minutes max, and yeah, we didn't do everything - skipped a lot on the legs/paws, but overall, the dog looks presentable instead of not being able to tell the front from the back. It should hold for 4-6-8 (?) weeks. You need to be careful - the combs that attach to the clippers are more sharp than I expected, and when they catch a snarl, you have to back out quickly. But, we had combed, brushed and bathed the dog the day before, so it went smoothly. We suggest (as most of the YouTube videos do) that you bathe and brush your dog before grooming; it will help your blades stay sharp longer, and make the whole process much smoother for you and the dog, perserving your sanity.

    Perfect for my needs

    Perfect for my needs. have toy poodle that I clip at home. have used it twice over two months on a single charge. I suspect I could have gotten three uses out of it, so should be AOK for a large dog. Feels good in the hand and is nice not to have to worry about electrical outlets or cables. I can trim her outside without being near an outlet. Lithium battery operated equipment is the way to go.

    Handy, Cool Running, Great Battery life

    Works like a charm, and doesn't get too hot at all. Better than my super expensive Andis. Great battery life, cool running, multiple attachment combs, and ready to be used anywhere, anytime. I love the plastic carrying box. I keep a comb, and my scissors, and my battery op nail grinder all inside, so I just grab the box, and I am ready to do a complete grooming. Use it on my Portuguese Water Dog, for all kinds of trimming, both detail work on face and feet, and overall body trimming.

    My dog is terrified of loud noises like hair dryers and thunder

    I bought this for my dog (a collie) who has very long hair. Her hair has gotten very hard to brush and keep up with, especially because brushing out her thick hair can hurt sometimes. She's also been getting a lot of ticks lately so shaving would help keep more off of her.I was looking for a low volume product. This wasn't as quiet as I thought it would be. My dog is terrified of loud noises like hair dryers and thunder. She was surprisingly super comfortable with the noise of this and even seemed excited to have me use it.Before you shave your dog you should wash and brush her. I got as many of the small mats out of her fur as I could. After washing, you should blow dry the hair to fluff it out. My dog is afraid of blowdriers so I used my hands and a brush to fluff it to make it easier to shave.This was my first time shaving so I was timid with it, and the result was really uneven (my fault) but eventually I'll get better at it. She's a dog anyway so she won't care, plus she probably felt 5 pounds lighter!

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