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Wi-Fi Smart Lock - Auto Relock

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  • Unlock your door without keys by entering your code on the lock's backlit keypad. Lock the door behind you by pressing any button or by enabling auto relock.
  • Lock and unlock your door from anywhere by adding the lock to a compatible Z-Wave smart home or alarm system and app (i.e. Samsung SmartThings, Ring Alarm, Wink, etc.). Requires compatible hub sold separately and app - no app is used for this lock.
  • Replaces your existing deadbolt in minutes on standard doors, 1-3/8" to 2-1/4" thick with just a screwdriver. No additional holes are needed. Mounting hardware and batteries included.
  • 9V battery terminal prevents lockout due to dead batteries. Fits on doors 1 3/8" to 2 1/4" thick. Environmental 22F to 140F.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Mark Neveu
Fast, Easy Setup and Works well with Alexa and SmartThings

Installation took less than 15 mins, another 5 mins to connect to my Z-Wave hub (used Smartthings, which I had set up the day prior and connected it to Alexa ahead of time). Then another 5 mins to setup my family codes and settings. This is Super easy, anyone can install this. So in 25 mins I can now say "Alexa, lock my door"! Was very impressed with the simplicity of the design, the clear instructions, and the quality of the materials. It looks great too. Setting up codes and settings is easy thanks to a printed menu you get, plus the thing speaks to you!One thing I was caught off guard by was learning that you cannot UNlock your door with Alexa. Thinking about it, that makes sense, but I feel these huge banner ads "Works with Alexa!" should have a disclaimer on it. You really just need the voice feature to LOCK the door, and to check if it is locked, which this does perfectly. ME "Hey Alexa, is my front door locked?", ALEXA "Let me check if your front door is locked... Yes your front door is locked"And last, the Alexa-Smartthings 'dance' is funky and hard to follow. You jump around back and forth between the 2 apps trying to understand who is doing what, and most of that is Alexa's fault. I have it working, but could not tell you exactly how I did it!

Darth Kelly
Worth what you invest to purchase it.

I got this for a number of reasons:1) I'm trying to convert into a smart house (have this and an ecobee thermostat, lights are next on the list).2) One of my roommates loses their keys constantly, so having a keyless entry was beneficial3) We've been doing work on the house including getting central a/c and having the windows replaced, so having a way for contractors to access the house is greatI got this with a keyed entry in addition to the number pad, in case of electrical failure. However, other than testing the keys, we've yet to use them, and I installed this about six months ago. So far, the batteries have not died, and there's been no other electrical failure (knock on wood). I've read a few reviews saying that the key pad wasn't responsive, but neither I nor my roommates have had any problems with that, though it did take a few days to figure out what they meant by "back of the hand to activate" was actually "back of the fingers". We got the hang of it in less than a week, so I'm not sure what else to suggest to people having problems.The nickle finish is smooth and sleek looking. It's quite pretty, and matches a lot of the brushed nickle objects I have in the house.The only hiccup I had was getting it on the wifi, but after I plugged my smartthings hub in closer to the lock, I was able to connect it with no problems, and it stayed connected even after I moved the hub back to its normal location.I especially like that I can lock or unlock from my phone, so that when I come home with a lot of groceries, I don't have to worry about fumbling for keys or stopping to put in a code. I can just unlock it from my car before I even start picking up my grocery bags.This lock was an investment because of the price, but I'd definitely say a good one.Note: I had a pretty smooth installation, so I can't say whether support is good or not for those who have problems. Hopefully, everyone else purchasing this product has as easy an install as I did.

Very pleased

So far, it was all I expected and more. The lock paired easily with my ST hub and I am using it with the Enhanced Auto Door Lock app and the Smart Locks one. It opens and closes very smoothly. It is well made. The only thing I did not like but I fixed right away - it locks itself if you press any button on the exterior side. This can be a problem if you have a door closer - the door can be slammed with the latch extracted. I disabled this right away. The battery indicator still shows 100% after two weeks of use.I programmed it to auto lock after a short delay with the Enhanced Auto Door Lock app. I had to delete a few lines of code there not to allow the app to send an unlock command. It works perfectly now.More than a year later - it still works as it should. The batteries lasted for about a year with light use. The lock survived the humid Florida weather without problems. It is not exposed to direct sun or rain but it can get wet when it is windy.If you see the battery indicator showing 20%, replace the batteries.

steven nickerson
My favorite part is linking this into the Smartthings hub so ...

I replaced my regular bolt with this and linked it to my Ecobee 4 thermostat w/ built in Alexa and Samsung Smartthings hub..very simple to install and as long as you follow the simple instructions and make the bolt hole big enough for it to open and close smoothly in low power mode the batteries last forever; My favorite part is linking this into the Smartthings hub so the door will lock when I leave WiFi range and Unlock when I'm walking up to the door; I rarely even touch the keypad

Jeff Davidson
This lock is awesome. It is very well made and installs exactly ...

This lock is awesome. It is very well made and installs exactly as stated from the instructions. Also works with Alexa but you need a smart hub (I bought a Samsung Smart Things hub). Lock works through the Smart Things app and also through Alexa (using a PIN code to unlock). I would definitely purchase this lock again. One installation note. The deadbolt is slightly larger than an average deadbolt and depending on the door and existing hardware, you made need to increase the size of the hole in the door jam which is very easy. My handyman did this in 2 minutes with a drill. I definitely rate this 5 star and they also have excellent customer support. I called to ask a question and the customer sales rep was very knowledgable and polite.

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